What Is Self Love

Self Care /ˌSELFˈKER/ noun Intentional loving kindness towards oneself, and taking action to improve the health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Practicing self love is essential. Now more than ever it’s important we do just this—take care of body, mind and spirit. While this may be a contemporary concept of sorts, it’s actually rooted in the ancient cultures of China and India who prioritized their holistic wellness proactively with various systematic daily rituals. Our favorites (outlined below) draw from these cultures but with our own modern twist!

Oil Massage

A great way to practice self love is by giving yourself an oil—coconut in the warmer months, sesame in the colder— massage. Enhances circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, hydrates the skin and is just deeply nourishing.


Whether it’s yoga, dance, walks, spin, HIIT, running…just get out and move! Exercising releases endorphins that can uplift your mood. Many studies have suggested that daily exercise not only improves overall well being but profoundly reduces the occurrence and/or onset of a handful of common ailments and diseases, most notably cardiovascular (heart) disease.

Tongue Scraping

Use a tongue scraper daily after brushing to remove bacteria and toxins from the tongue that would otherwise get into our gut! Promotes oral and digestive health—and enhances sense of taste (and you thought tacos couldn’t get any better).


Whether it be mindfulness-based, guided through an app like Headspace, in a class, or mantra based, taking a few minutes a day to surrender into our deeper sense of being is a must for cultivating presence, awareness, and compassion. (A lot of our guests do this during their 40-minute infrared sauna session).

Oil Swishing

Put 2 tsp of coconut or sesame oil into your mouth first thing in the morning, swishing it through the mouth for 10-20 minutes for healthier teeth, gums, and increased gut health and digestion. (Surprisingly gives you a supportive kick of energy too!)

Man in Sauna

IR Sauna + Color Light Therapy

Saved the best for last? (Maybe….) We might be a bit biased but being consistent with your Perspire sessions can have major impacts on your physical and mental health. If you’re a regular on the blog you already know but a brief refresh…our unique (and custom!) combination of full spectrum infrared light combined with color light and the high intensity red light work in tandem to automatically benefit you in so many different ways (often dependent on what your body needs at that time). Essentially it’s a non-invasive tool that aids your body and brain in naturally restoring balance and harmony to your physiology. Read more about the benefits of infrared sauna.

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Colton joined the Perspire team in 2019 as Marketing Manager. After earning his bachelor’s degree from Univ. of California Davis he worked with lifestyle apparel company Marine Layer managing e-commerce marketing and merchandising. His journey into personal development and holistic health & wellness took him around the world and he became a certified yoga instructor. Returning to California he is now using his marketing, branding, and management experience to help grow the Perspire brand.