Hidden Toxins: EMF & ELF Explained

May 25, 2021

As each of us delve into our own wellness journey, it is important to be comfortable and confident with the things we choose. We work hard to ensure everything from the foods we eat to the products and services we use, don’t have negative side effects from chemicals or toxins. Have you ever started a self-care routine, only to find it wasn’t as effective as you had hoped or you later realized there was a hidden ingredient?

EMF and ELF Explained

It is suggested that today we are exposed to 80,000 more toxins than our great-grandparents (1). Some of these toxins may be in the form of man-made electricity. These man-made electrical sources, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), are transmitted to us in many ways. From transmission lines, electrical appliances & medical imaging to computers, cell phones, televisions and even hair dryers – if it runs off electricity, it’s a culprit! It is suggested that EMF & ELF (extremely low frequency) electric fields may have detrimental effects on human health. According to reports by the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a potential link between the exposure of humans to ELF-EMF and certain diseases, melatonin levels and circadian rhythm function among other things; however, this requires more study as research has shown differing results.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has suggested that exposure to EMF should not be more than 3 milligauss (mG), while exposure to ELF should be less than 1000 millivolts (mV) (2).

EMF and ELF Levels of Perspire Infrared Saunas

Since all devices that use electricity create EMF, including saunas, how does this affect our sauna experience? Are we still able to reap the full benefits of this crucial piece to our weekly self-care routine without the worry of EMF-ELF?

The short answer, yes! We can receive all the benefits safely. The full-spectrum infrared saunas at Perspire have been perfected for over twenty years to provide a safe, effective therapy. Perspire infrared saunas cancel out both EMF and ELF. You will have close to 0 mG and under 200 mV (ELF) of exposure while sitting in your sauna. For comparison, it is estimated that if you are standing next to a dishwasher, you are exposed to 5 mG while a desktop light gives off around 32 mG (3). But how are our infrared saunas built to have virtually 0 EMF and less than 200 mV ELF?

The Perspire sauna heaters are produced with micro-fine carbon & ceramic elements, with layers of a woven substrate for a high infrared output (emissivity). The heaters then go through hours of testing for electrical draw and EMF output. This patent-pending process allows almost all the EMF and ELF to be cancelled out. In addition, the wiring that runs through our custom saunas is twisted and encased in a metal conduit, which further shields us from EMF and ELF.

Over the past 50-100 years, humans’ exposure to EMF-ELF has steadily increased as we use more technology and increase our use of electricity. Research programs are increasing efforts to study the long-term effects of these from human made sources. In the meantime, you can sauna at Perspire knowing that you are not increasing your exposure to harmful electromagnetic energies.

Our mission at Perspire is that you leave feeling better than when you arrived. We are confident this is possible when our saunas are safe and don’t have hidden toxic side effects such as those from EMF and ELF waves that are found in everyday electronics and other brands of infrared saunas. We are here for you to detox, reset, relax and revive. Set your phone down, turn off your computer and feel confident that this 40 minutes is the most enjoyable piece of your wellness routine.



Author | Omaha Franchisee

Ashley is one of the original franchisees for Perspire Sauna Studio after discovering the amazing benefits of infrared sauna. Ashley realized the positive community impact it would have to bring Perspire to her home in Omaha, NE. Her favorite benefit of infrared saunas: lowering inflammation. She has a true passion for building relationships. She enjoys hiking mountains, the ocean (neither of which are in Omaha), and spending time with her two dogs & husband!


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