Meet Mariel Heather, A Perspire Member Who Has Been Holistically Healing Her Breast Cancer

November 3, 2021

It’s so much more than sweat here at Perspire Sauna Studio. It’s a time to sweat, self-care and heal, it’s a power move to having me-time, an act of service to oneself, a time to detox, release, overcome and power through whatever they are up against.

The individual experiences of our Members are sacred, so when they share why they come and what happens during their time with us, we pull up a seat and listen.

Today we are honored to share a Q&A session from our Member, Mariel Heather. Mariel is a Shaman and Spiritual Mentor. She was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of Breast Cancer in Oct 2019. In June 2020, she went through Breast Explant surgery after developing Breast Implant Illness from her cancer surgery. Going through these experiences have completely shifted her life, mindset and body to match a higher frequency. She strives to help souls like yourself, going through similar experiences. Her mission is to empower women to lead a life that is in total alignment and will do whatever she can to make sure you never settle.

Mariel, please tell us more about how you have been holistically healing your Breast Cancer.

I’ve been healing my Triple Negative Breast Cancer holistically. I did have a double mastectomy but other than that, I’ve been healing in alternative ways. With my diagnosis, it’s said that there is a 30% chance my cancer can come back somewhere else in my body within the first 3 years. In one year from now, Oct 2022, I will have reached the 3 year mark and so far no recurrence. I’d love for people to see that there are other ways to potentially heal cancer other than just relying on western medicine. I think mixing western AND alternative methods can be successful. Of course, I believe that everyone should follow their heart and do whatever treatment path is for them.

What was your biggest self-discovery or revelation after you were diagnosed?

I realized that life is too short to hold on to anger or resentment. True freedom is living a life filled with compassion and forgiveness. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

What was the most difficult part of your journey and how did you overcome it?

The most difficult part of my journey was realizing that I had not been giving myself the love I deserved. I was always putting everyone else first and neglecting my own needs. When it came to having surgery, I had to finally allow myself to let others help me in every way possible. Surrendering to let others be there for you emotionally, physically and spiritually will crack you wide open but in the most healing way.

How and when did Perspire Sauna Studio join you on your wellness journey?

I joined Perspire Sauna Studio about 6 months after my explant surgery. My naturopath told me about the benefits of sauna for my body, and recommended sauna in order to release toxins, help heal my scars and of course, the additional benefits of calming your mind were just what I needed. I’ve been addicted ever since.

What advice would you give on how to best support a loved one going through breast cancer?

My advice would be to just hold space for that person, offer your assistance, presence and guidance. The journey can be an emotional rollercoaster so sometimes the person may not want to necessarily talk but instead, to know that someone is there for them, by their side no matter what.

Mariel Heather post surgery

Mariel, post surgery continuing to holistically heal

Thank you Mariel for sharing your WHY with us.

We feel honored to play even a small part in your wellness journey. We know without a doubt your vulnerability, transparency and continued life story will encourage so many people. Thank you for being wholly and beautifully you.

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