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Hacking Your Health: Transformation From The Inside, Out

The intersections of science, technology and alternative medicine have emerged over the past few years, bringing in a new age of wellness. Modalities focused on preventative, non-invasive measures that treat the whole human are being recognized, executed, and brought to the masses. People are ready for real change, favoring a holistic approach to well-being that takes into account the important (and intimate) connection of the mind and body—and its various operating systems (adrenal, immune, nervous). We particularly love and enjoy the below because they’re automated and work on a cellular level, getting down to the root of ‘dis-ease’ or imbalance in the body and mind, to then naturally restore balance and harmony so you can thrive, effortlessly. We like to think of them as simple, easy ‘hacks’ to help support you on your wellness journey.



Sixty minutes of complete silence and weightlessness floating in eight inches of Epsom salt water that’s set to your body temperature. This elimination of external stimulation allows you to transcend the physical body and settle into deep states of rest in which the body and mind are able to release stress and reboot internal systems.


We recommend: True REST


pemf therapy perspire studio


Boost your cells by charging up their battery packs (mitochondria) with bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, and even to stimulate organs.


We recommend: Bemer Mat




Full-spectrum infrared heat combined with color light waves penetrate through the skin to melt away muscular tension, easing pain and detoxing the body on a cellular level while naturally restoring balance to the physiology.





infrared sauna podcast
One of our favorite ‘life-stylists’ and biohacker Luke Storey interviewed the pioneer of infrared sauna therapy, and our good friend, Dr. Raleigh Duncan.


Did you know?

Many podcasters film & share their conversations on YouTube which you can tune into on the Smart TV from your sauna.

<span class="auth">author</span><br>Colton Kahn

Colton Kahn

Colton joined the Perspire team in 2019 as Marketing Manager. After earning his bachelor’s degree from Univ. of California Davis, he worked with lifestyle apparel company Marine Layer managing e-commerce marketing and merchandising. His journey into personal development and holistic health & wellness took him around the world and he became a certified yoga instructor. Returning to California he is now using his marketing, branding, and management experience to help grow the Perspire brand.